Pilgreen Wheels & Tires is your go-to shop for used tires Greenville, NC.  We offer a wide variety of used tires to fit whatever needs you may have at a price you can afford.  Pilgreen Wheels & Tires is proud to serve the Greenville, NC community, and we’re dedicated to bringing our neighbors only the best used tires in Greenville, NC.

Every tire is tested by our quality and safety standards. Our trained tire experts inspect each tire individually for defects such as

  • bubbles
  • scalloping
  • cracking
  • sidewall damage
  • uneven tread wear
  • poor repair work
  • and more!!

They also measure the tread depth of each tire and place them into 3 grade categories, A, B, or C. Our used tires are guaranteed to pass N.C. state inspections. We offer a 7 day limited warranty on all our used tires.

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We also carry used tires 20″ and above, as well as some speciality used tires.  With our wide selection of used tires, we’re confident that we can find what you need at a price that can’t be beat.  Drop by and see what we have in stock– we know we can find the perfect fit for you.

Contact us today to see if we have the size you are looking for! We typically get a new load of used tires weekly. Looking for new tires? We can get those too!