Pilgreen Wheels & Tires Merge With Thrift Junkies

Pilgreen Wheels & Tires has a new business model. Owner, Mike Pilgreen, has been in the automotive customization business for many years. He has done it all, and has made a decision on what his business will offer now, and in the future.

With all the new and old surrounding businesses that sell new tires and/or wheels, the market is now about who has it cheaper, instead of being focused on quality work and great customer service. Pilgreen Wheels & Tires has always had great prices, but it seems now consumers expect you to be the cheapest. Mike has always given his customers a one-of-a-kind, personal experience, because he maintains the up most standards. Quality and cheap do not go hand-in-hand.

What has always made Pilgreen Wheels & Tires unique, is the fact that they are the only wheel and tire shop in the area that buys, sell, and trades. Most of our customers come to us to find quality, pre-owned products, at a much more affordable price. Mike has decided to focus on this part of his business. Pilgreen Wheels & Tires now offers used wheels and tires, installation (mount and balance), wheel and tire repair, tire rotation, and a large variety of new and used center caps, inserts, auto parts, and more, for sale mainly in their ebay store.

Mike also owns a thrift store, which was located right beside Pilgreen Wheels & Tires. With the downsize of the tire shop, Mike and his brother have devised a new plan to offer spaces in Pilgreen Wheels & Tires to vendors. They will have their thrift items for sale at this location as well. Future plans for an auction house are in the works. All changes should be complete by sometime in March.

Do not fret my friends! Pilgreen Wheels & Tires will still offer the same great service as before, you will just have the luxury of browsing through cool thrift items while you wait! If you are not interested in used wheels or tires, Pilgreen Wheels & Tires will still be able to order new items for you! More updates to come about the exciting changes at Pilgreen Wheels & Tires and Thrift Junkies!

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